Having a back pain is quite an unpleasant experience, which should be gotten rid of, as soon as possible. Apart from taking medicines prescribed by a doctor, other measures could be taken to ensure that the pain is completely eradicated. This brings the option of getting a back stretcher or an inversion table to mind. While both of these back stretching equipments would relieve back pain, it has been observed that some differences exist between the use of a back stretcher and an inversion. These differences lead to the question ‘which is better: a back stretcher or an inversion table?’


While the cause of back pain varies from the presence of an infection to an arthritic condition, a major cause is usually poor posture, which makes the back pain return at the end of the medicinal treatment. Therefore, back stretchers come into play.

However, as a matter of fact, an inversion table is often considered the best back stretching equipment. This is because, inversion tables are versatile machines that can be used by almost any one, as they can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.


Inversion tables can also help keep an individual healthy, this is because, when one inverts, blood and lymphatic fluid flow increases throughout the body. Increased blood flow allows your body to be more effective in protecting itself from illness and detoxifying through the liver. This can lead to fewer occurrence of sickness due to actual illness and days off due to back pain.

However, in spite of the fact that there are many benefits associated with the use of inversion tables, some people with certain medical conditions could be adversely affected by an increase of blood flow caused by the use of inversion tables. Such conditions include: Pregnancy, eye problems etc. Therefore, individuals who have these medical conditions should not use inversion tables for medical reasons. Click here.


A downside to the use of inversion tables is that, they are usually more expensive than a back stretcher, but, the benefits that could be obtained from the use of inversion tables are immense.

If, however, all you need to relieve your back pain is a simple stretch, then, getting a back stretcher may be the most suitable option.

While a back stretcher and an inversion table would provide a relief to back pain, the choice of which equipment best suits you would depend on your preference. That is, if you want other fitness functionalities and do not mind the higher amount it would cost you to get an inversion table, considering the added functionalities of an inversion table, then getting an inversion table would be best for you. However, if all that you need is the back stretching function and nothing else, then, getting a back stretcher would be best suited for you.


It should however be noted that both a back stretcher and an inversion table would provide a relieve for back pain. The inversion tables can actually conform to that lying and sitting position you need but the cost is greater. For different conditions, inversion tables or back stretchers could be the solution depending on their response to increased blood flow. Click here for more information: https://fitnessequipment.reviews/best-treadmill-reviews/